So I have been waiting for the prefect time to share this with you all… and the perfectionist in me is always over analyzing things and making things just so until I consider sharing them with the world. Sometimes holding onto things until its too late, irrelevant or the moment has passed entirely. I guess I want to see how it all plays out and ensure that everything goes to plan and it is perfectly placed in the perfect spot, but life is often not like that. Its messy, unpredictable and a whirlwind of emotions and events. I find myself so focused on the details of a project and making sure the project goes off perfectly that I forget to look at the big picture and simply enjoy the ride.

So before I move on, I’m going to clear the air and say No.. I am not pregnant! LOL! That is always the first thing that pops in peoples mind when I say I have Big News to share!

You guys already know a small part however as I have been sharing more personal posts lately than usual. Something I think I am going to continue and increase doing as I find this an incredible way to journal and document my thoughts and reflect on fleeting moments. So be warned from here on out things may come out less polished and more personable than usual. Because lets be honest, I want to be a real person behind those pretty pictures and have a meaningful connection with others. Because without that what’s the point.

So you probably thinking…. enough talking already Alina. Get to the point!

Well Ok.

So there is no easy way to say this.


Crazy… right?

I know.

Yikess! It looks, sounds and IS sooo real when I type this out.

But it’s time to leap into the next part of this journey (the moving part)

Its a long story, a BIG story. Something I hope to break down and share with you guys when I can through instagram most likely because lets be honest. That little app is pretty amazing in its ability to connect people all over the world and show a peak into their everyday life.

So you might be wondering first off what this means for my me and my business? Well it is a “process” and I am not going to lie and say its easy because it’s not. But here I find myself very very lucky compared to most. I am able to do this move into two steps to gently transition our lives over to the East Coast.

Phase One

Sell our house

Buy our New House

Move our entire life to the EAST COAST.

Spend Christmas with the family.

Settle into our new home, spend the winter exploring our new area and make our house a home.


Phase Two

Come back to Ontario for the spring and begin my final full wedding season in Ontario. So bittersweet <3

Spend quality time with friends and family and have Jackson “graduate” Senior Kindergarten with his classmate and dear friends.

Make the permanent and official move to Nova Scotia at the end of October 2018.

So I feel like I have to explain. The WHY!

Why now?

Why so quick?

Just Why?


Well to try and answer these questions as quickly as possible, something I will go on more details on a later blog post.

We found the PERFECT HOUSE and we just couldn’t let this one go. The original plan was to move to Nova Scotia in 2019 and rent for a year until we would find the perfect home. But God always has other plans when we make our own. For years we would pray about the NEXT STEP, our vision of where to raise our family and what the future holds. Looking back– this journey began 3 years ago and really I can see His hand in this long before that.

So I want to wrap up this post and save the rest for another post(s) As I feel there is a lot to say considering everything. I will try to be an open book about this whole journey and share as much as I can about our new transition. So if this is something that interests you and have always been secretly excited about…like you know… making a crazy drastic move and relocating your entire family to another province. Then this post is for you.

I will end this with a photo of our new home and a personal invitation to connect if you ever find yourself on the East Coast of Canada, specifically Nova Scotia!! I am sooo excited to photograph the change of scenery and connect with new people but seeing a familiar face would be so wonderful.

If you are curious and have any questions or want to connect please send me an email and I would love to chat with you! Send me an email though the contact link on my site.



Photo provided by our Real Estate Agent




  • Hanne Hotz

    Congratulations! We’ve been east a number of times and well… the land, and the people are super! All the best to you and your family. What a wonderful adventure for the family!

    Way to go girl!

    Hanne :)ReplyCancel

I’m packing up our things for our move out of our first home and I’m filled with many mixed emotions as I look through these images from our last Christmas in this house. It’s the house we brought both our babies home to… the house we poured love into, tweaking and making it just right for us, until it wasn’t. I will share more on all those details later, when I can. But for now I just want to look through these images as my baby naps, and enjoy this still yet warm cup of coffee. Enjoy a break with me and take a peek!


Hey guys! Popping in to say we have been super busy getting our house ready because…. you guessed it! We are selling our house! Please share this blog post with friends and family as it would really help us out to spread the word! Full listing is on Comfree Click HERE for the direct link. Email me at to view or call me directly to schedule a listing (contact info on listing click here.)
This home feature tons of living space. 3+2 Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2 kitchens!! One upstairs and one downstairs. Granite Counter tops and lots of natural light are a huge plus! Come out and see it for yourself. Open house this Saturday and Sunday 2 – 4 PM!


Instead of the usual blog post, I want to instead share some memorable highlights from Jenelle & Marco’s beautiful wedding, from my point of view in this order. In the excitement and rush of a wedding day sometimes certain moments stand out and make you pause. These were just a few.

  • Jenelle contagious happiness, photogenic smile, and laughter that could light up a room. Those that know her would nod in agreement.
  • Marco’s true and deep adoration for his stunning bride ( I love it when I can see a groom smitten and totally in love with his bride. #perksofmyjob! Scroll through to see the first time groom seen his bride <3 the look says it all.
  • The way the father-of-the-bride looked at his daughter as he walked her down the aisle. Ugh! So precious!
  • The most adorable flower girls.
  • Brides gorgeous lace trimmed veil and glamours gold sequins bridesmaid’s dresses.
  • The truly talented and amazing band One Man Out , that puts on some of the best live music and introduced me to this song I can’t stop listening to now. It’s even better in person performed live by them. Look it up it will give your Monday a kick in the pants.
  • Groom used to bartend at the Caboto Club (where the reception was held) at the end of the night the groom and groomsmen were found behind the bar and juggling glasses like pros and mixed drinks for their guest.
  • Sneaking out at sunset with the bride and groom and having to get super creative blocking out the massive road construction happening in front of the venue. See if you can tell?
  • Feeling blessed to have connected with yet another amazing couple and willing to trust me fully to capture their day.
  • Lastly (not proud of this one) feeling extremely jealous of their European Honeymoon. (Italy and Greece are definitely on the bucket list) I have been stalking their travels through their Instagram feed since they left.


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I know I say this a lot. But it’s true! I am so lucky to meet and work with simply the most amazing people. Jennifer and Dain are no exceptions to this. This day was filled with a spirit of joy, laughter, and tears and just everything that makes for a great wedding day. I often tell my brides how the day I spend with them just fly by. I always remember leaving the house in the morning, kissing my sleeping babies goodbye, triple checking my camera gear bag one more time, then driving the quiet drive to the bride’s getting ready location, anticipating the day.  Weddings are a whirlwind of many emotions and moments waiting to be captured. Just like that… we are watching the sunset together on their wedding day as I sneak the newly married couple away from their reception to capture the final moments of daylight and more importantly to help them process if not fully, the magnitude of the life journey they have just embarked on together.