Jenelle & Marco // Windsor Essex County Wedding & Portrait Photographer // Giovanni Caboto Club

Instead of the usual blog post, I want to instead share some memorable highlights from Jenelle & Marco’s beautiful wedding, from my point of view in this order. In the excitement and rush of a wedding day sometimes certain moments stand out and make you pause. These were just a few.

  • Jenelle contagious happiness, photogenic smile, and laughter that could light up a room. Those that know her would nod in agreement.
  • Marco’s true and deep adoration for his stunning bride ( I love it when I can see a groom smitten and totally in love with his bride. #perksofmyjob! Scroll through to see the first time groom seen his bride <3 the look says it all.
  • The way the father-of-the-bride looked at his daughter as he walked her down the aisle. Ugh! So precious!
  • The most adorable flower girls.
  • Brides gorgeous lace trimmed veil and glamours gold sequins bridesmaid’s dresses.
  • The truly talented and amazing band One Man Out , that puts on some of the best live music and introduced me to this song I can’t stop listening to now. It’s even better in person performed live by them. Look it up it will give your Monday a kick in the pants.
  • Groom used to bartend at the Caboto Club (where the reception was held) at the end of the night the groom and groomsmen were found behind the bar and juggling glasses like pros and mixed drinks for their guest.
  • Sneaking out at sunset with the bride and groom and having to get super creative blocking out the massive road construction happening in front of the venue. See if you can tell?
  • Feeling blessed to have connected with yet another amazing couple and willing to trust me fully to capture their day.
  • Lastly (not proud of this one) feeling extremely jealous of their European Honeymoon. (Italy and Greece are definitely on the bucket list) I have been stalking their travels through their Instagram feed since they left.


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