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Can you hear them? The crickets on my blog? Lol…. ya it’s been a crazy summer. And although I don’t have an proper excuse to explain my absences all I can say is that I chose a reallllly cute blog post filled to the brim with adorable-ness (is that a word?) to share with you all to make up for it. I have been out and about photographing and having adventures with my little family, and haven’t had a chance to really sit down and sort through all the photos to blog. When the season slows down I plan on sharing bit and pieces with you all to update what I have been up to.

These two brother-sister cuties made my night a few weeks ago. You see, children’s photography is a very tricky genre to specialize in (which I don’t…. so congrats to those who do it, day in day out) The session can go downhill pretty quickly with young kids. Summer sessions are usually held about an hour or two before sunset, so little people are usually tired and had a long day before their session even begins.

Although with these 2 sweethearts? Not the case. We had a blast setting up a sweet little tea party for two and then played in the sand and put our toes in the lake on what turned out to be a lovely summer night. I even got the best random-hug ever from sweet little Reese at the end of the session out of no where. It is sooo sweet and such a joy when you can connect with the little people I photograph. I noticed that really goes a long way when photographing children. I will admit that before I had my own 2 year old it was sometimes difficult getting the child’s attention for long. Not just getting their attention, but also giving them a reason to let you into their special sweet little world. And when that happens you get to witness something so precious. Children being children :) The last of the innocence left in the world.

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  • Debbie Knight

    I love, love, love these photos. You have a wonderful eye.ReplyCancel

  • Ross Baillargeon

    Kelly ,
    Thank you for the kid words about my kids, where do you buy your magic candy? But really these pictures are by far the best we’ve ever have had done and are a true reflect of them both. These shots somehow make me appreciate them more, it’s a job well done.
    My wife is over the moon with the amazing results and I can especially appreciate the overall value. Thank you again 

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