To all the Fathers out there on Father’s Day | Personal

Fatherhood in our society isn’t as celebrated or honoured as it deserves to be. We often give mothers an abundance of credit without realizing that fathers—GOOD father’s, go unrecognized. It’s not to say mothers don’t deserve it…they definitely do. But let’s not overlook the central importance of the role of a father in the household. I sure know first hand how much we needed a strong-kind-disciplined-godfearing-loving father in our house growing up. I hope and pray Jackson appreciates the father he was blessed with and never take him for granted as children with amazing parents sometimes do.

I wanted to write out a long drawn out emotional post of how amazing my husband really is– But instead I will leave you with lots of photos from our day. I could go on to explain to the world how much more patient he is with our son than I, how strong he is as person, god-centered, loving, humble, funny, sweet, considerate, heart-of-gold….oh here I go…Reeling myself in just to say this: Our son is so BLESSED to have the Daddy he does.

We celebrated my husbands very first Father’s Day yesterday with a trip to Pelee Island on the Jiimaan. We had a very fun, relaxed trip and soaked up as much sun and relaxation as our busy little 11 month old would let us. Of Course the day wouldn’t be complete with out a photo-session out by the marina during the amazing golden hour of the day.














  • Ben

    Hey honey,
    I’ve been staring at the amazing photos on your site. ..just wanna say thanks again for the fun fathers day trip and the nice cards/gifts from you & Jackson. ..not to mention the photos you did are priceless to me. I’ll always remember that day! Also appreciate the kind words on your blogpost. You’re the sweetest wife and I’m proud of how you use your amazing talents in such positive ways.
    I love you girl!

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